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S.S. Montana

Other name: Resurrezione
Sisters: Maine, Missouri, Maryland
Builder: William Gray & Company, West Hartlepool
Launched November 16, 1887; broken up 1926
Hull: length 330'; beam 41'; 2,840 tons
Registered in London; official number 94344


The Montana was a cattle carrier built for the Atlantic Transport Line and delivered in November of 1887. According to a report in the New York Times, this ship broke her propeller shaft mid-Atlantic in 1899, and was under the command of a captain named Watkins at the time. She was described in some detail in the Marine Engineer when it covered her launch:

Montana. -- on November 16th Messrs. W. Gray & Co. launched a fine steel screw steamer, 330 ft. long, 41 ft. wide, and 28 ft. 6 in. deep ; built to the order of B. N. Baker, Esq., President of the Baltimore Storage Company, America, to take Lloyd's highest class and carry over 4,200 tons deadweight on the Atlantic. The vessel is very strong, having two complete steel decks protected with sheathing, and a tier of beams in the holds suitable for a third deck, while the large full poop, bridge, and forecastle, which are joined by a shelter deck for the cattle, make her, for practical purposes, a four-decker. The bottom is constructed on an improved cellular double bottom principle and is very strong. Six watertight bulkheads are fitted, and a permanent iron fore and aft bulkhead in holds to prevent shifting of cargo. Two strakes of shell plating are double at the bilge and topsides above Lloyd's requirements, and in addition to a deep bar keel, bilge keels are fitted. Three pole masts will be fitted, with yards on the foremast and a smart rig ; four hatches, with a powerful steam winch at each, and connected to work the bilge pumps, a steam winch on the forecastle, steam steering gear in house amidships and screw steering gear aft, a multibar donkey boiler, two distillers to supply 8,000 gallons of fresh water per day into large deck cattle tanks and overflow into fore peak tank ; a special donkey pump being provided to circulate the water. The captain's and officer's cabins are fitted in the poop with saloon, &c. The engineer's rooms are under the bridge, and the crew in the topgallant forecastle. The rooms are all heated by steam, arrangements of the most approved kind are made for conveying about 500 cattle, and over thirty large ventilators are fitted to insure a good supply of fresh air to every part. Side coaling and cargo ports are fitted, and everything is provided which can contribute to the safety and efficiency of the vessel. The engines are on the three cylinder triple-expansion principle, and will indicate about 1,600 H.P. They are constructed by Central Marine Engineering Works, West Hartlepool. The speed is to be 11 1/2 knots per hour. During construction the vessel has been superintended by Mr. Frederick Murrell and Captain W. H. Williams, while all the machinery has been under the superintendence of Mr. A. E. Allen of Hull. The christening ceremony was gracefully performed by Mrs. Williams, wife of Captain Williams, and the vessel named Montana. The Montana will be the latest addition to the fine fleet of the Atlantic Transport Company. The other vessels of the line, the Surrey, Maryland and Swansea, have all been built by William Gray & Co., and have established a well earned reputation for the speed and regularity of their passages and for the safety with which large numbers of cattle have been conveyed by them.

With her sister Maryland she was sold in 1913 to B. Degregori of Genoa, Italy and renamed Resurrezione.

Sources: The Atlantic Transport Line, 1881-1931; wikipedia, The Ships List; The New York Times, June 21 1899

Photo of the Missouri from James Grant Hutchison's album (Ian Newson)
This photograph from an album compiled by Atlantic Transport Line officer James Grant Hutchison is captioned "Montana."
It probably shows the ship late in her career. (Ian Newson)


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Kinghorn "The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 - 1931" McFarland, 2011

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