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The Passengers, Officers and Crew of the S. S. Mohegan

List developed from information contained in The Mohegan, 1898-1998, Terry Moyle, Kent, 1998

(Victims of the disaster in bold text)



Baxter, Robert A., Plainfield, NJ, Surgeon
Blackey, James, Toronto, Canada, buyer

Bloomingdale, W. J., Brooklyn, NY
Bushnell, Miss
Corday, Mr.
Cowan, Herbert F., aged 24
Cowan, Helena Mary, sister of Herbert
Crane, Mrs. R. C., Detroit, MI
Duncan, Charles, Sacramento, CA, Mining Engineer (father of Isadora Duncan)
Duncan, Mrs.

Duncan, Miss Rosa, aged 11
Elliott, Ellen, Maid to Mrs. King, from Elstree, Hertfordshire
Fallows, Dr. John, Columbus, GA
Firing, Mrs. E. V., New York, NY
Firing, Bessie May
Fenton, Florence Maria
Frazer, Mary, Marion, IA
Fuller, Benjamin F., Boston, MA, importer
George, Claude Seymour
Grandin, Mrs. Lizzie Small, (Maude Roudebush's mother) d. in lifeboat

Grumbecht, Mrs. Amelia, Stamford, CT (daughter of Mr & Mrs Lockwood)
Harrington, Mr. A. W., Germantown, PA
Hart, Hannah, New York, NY
Hyslop, John, New York, Yacht Measurer
Kelly, Richard
King, Thomas W., Saratoga, NY,
King, Mrs. Edna
King, Rufus, aged 11
King, Antony, aged 7
Kipling, Richard A., Paris, France, Diamond Merchant

Le Lacheur, John, Managing Director, Gilly-Alles Library, Guernsey
Le Lacheur, Mrs. Alice
Le lacheur, Master John Guille
Lockwood, F. M., Stamford, CT, Foreign Representative of the Standard Oil Corp.
Lockwood, Mrs. F. W.
Luke, Mr. Loren M., Kingston, PA, husband of Emilie, aged 28, buried in Kingston

Emilie Loveland Luke, of Kingston, PA, wife of Loren, aged 32, buried in Kingston
Merryweather, Miss E., Cincinnati, OH
Morrison, Henry Jr., New York, NY

Noble, Katherine, Baltimore, MD
O'Neill, Rev. David J., Germantown, PA
O'Rourke, Joseph, Valet to T. W. King
Pemberton, Francis W., New York, NY, Banker
Pemberton, Mrs.
Pemberton, Francis, aged 5
Pemberton, Clifford, aged 4
Reyen, Miss, the Pemberton's French Governess
Roudebush, Maude, Meadville, PA
Saunders, Miss Emily Mogg
Shepherd, Susan, Woodstock, Ontario

Smith, Arthur E. L., Oregon, farmer
Swift, Mrs. Amelia Compton, Columbus, GA
Warner, Miss L. H.
Weller, Mrs.

Officers and Crew

Adams, John, Greaser
Adams, W., Steward's Boy
Ainsworth, E., Steward

Anderson, A., Fireman
August, G., AB Quartermaster
Bailey, W., Fireman
Barnes, William, Assistant Steward
Barrow, Robert, Greaser
Bennett, Joseph, of London, Able Seaman
Blake, Leslie Ashton, AB Quartermaster

Bourne, H., Scullion
Bowles, Mrs. Emily, Brown, P., Stewardess
Branderbury, William, Boatswain's Mate
Bravery, H., Steward
Browning, S, Fourth Officer
Brownjohn, Charles, Assistant Steward
Buck, Emil Raymond, of London, Second Engineer

Butt, Frederick, AB Quartermaster
Campbell, V., Fireman
Chaffey, G., Fireman

Chapman, E., Greaser
Chappell, M., Storekeeper
Childs, H. R., of London, Steward
Cleux, J., Fireman
Coles, Ernest, Second Officer
Cotter, J., Greaser
Crawley, J., Fireman
Cross, Arthur, of London, Sixth Engineer (Son of the Line's Superintending Engineer in New York, and on his first voyage)
Crouch, Llewellyn, Chief Officer
Cruickshank, F., Servant

Cruickshank, John, Boatswain
Dalton, Harry T., of Hull, Carpenter's Mate
Daniels, William, Able Seaman
De Grouchy, W., Fireman
Dunnair, Ernest, Steward
Dunnair, Frederick, Night Watchman

Edge, J., Chief Cook
Feehan, R., Fireman
Fergusson, William, Engineer
Fieldhouse, E., Assistant Steward
Foster, G., Pantryman
Gray, M. E., Engineer
Gray, W. C. H., Steward
Griffiths, Richard, Captain
Hammond, W., Fireman

Hamper, W., Steward
Harris, J., Fireman
Hilson, G, Able Seaman
Hindmarsh, William Logan, Third Officer
Horne, Alexander, of Gateshead, "in charge of the pumps"

Huntley, Frank, Able Seaman
Isherwood, J., Fireman
Juddery, John, AB Quartermaster
Kavanah, M., Fireman
Kemp, G., Cattleman
Kinley, William, of London, Assistant Engineer
Legg, J., Fireman

MacFarlane, John, Seaman
McHugh, Cattleman
McKechnie, John, Greaser
McLaren, Robert, of Hull, Engineer
McWhirter, A., Second Cook
Maule, George, Horseman
Mansell, Richard, Fireman
Marshall, John, Third Engineer
Mitchell, T., Cattleman
Molyneux, J., Able Seaman
More, Thomas, Fireman
Moore, William, Able Seaman
Murrel, S., of London, Greaser
Nichols, Thomas, Able Seaman
Nicklin, Frank, Chief Steward
Nobas, F., Assistant Donkeyman

Piggott, Mrs. A., Stewardess
Pinfold, Henry, Carpenter
Rainour, G., Cattleman

Rawlins, Victor, Steward, Servant
Roach, R., Fireman
Robb, David, Assistant Steward (Chief bedroom steward)
Sennington, Edward, Steward

Simmons, Howard, Cook
Smith, John C., Engineer
Smithers, J., Fireman
Stevens, A., Pantryman
Stott, J., Fireman
Stubbs, J., Fireman

Thurlow, G. W., Fireman
Toppin, J., Cattleman
Treptow, P., Able Seaman
Trevaskis, J., Fireman

Trevor, Dr. Arthur Herbert, Surgeon
Underwood, J., Fireman
Waite, Percy Curtis, Printer

Ward, James, Cattleman
Warren, A., Donkeyman
Wassell, C., Steward
Watson, R, Fireman
White, William, Storekeeper
Whitehead, R., Fireman
Whitehead, T, Able Seaman
Wiggington, J., Cook
Wood, G, Able Seaman
Yearlie, N, Baker


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Kinghorn "The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 - 1931" McFarland, 2011

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