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S.S. Trave

Built by Fairfield Co Ltd, Glasgow, yard #311
Launched February 18, 1886; Maiden voyage June 5, 1886; Broken up 1909
Length 440'; Beam; 48'; 4,966 tons; 17 knots
Steel construction; Single screw; Triple-expansion engine
224 1st class passengers, 90 2nd class, 660 steerage, crew of 185


The Trave was built for Norddeutscher Lloyd and sailed on her maiden voyage from Bremen to New York (via Southampton) on June 5, 1886. She had a collision with the sailing vessel Fred B. Taylor on June 21, 1892, which resulted in the loss of the sailing ship and the lives of two of those on board. In June of 1895 she was present at the opening of the new Kaiser Wilhelm Canal at Kiel as one of four guest ships supplied by the line.

She was rebuilt by AG Vulcan of Stettin in 1896/7, and emerged with only two masts, her funnels heightened, her engines and boilers overhauled, and her tonnage increased to 5,262.

Trave sailed on her last Bremen/Southampton/New York voyage on March 20, 1901, and by April 1903 was sailing regularly from Genoa to Naples and New York. In April 1902 the New York Times described her, perhaps inaccurately,as an Atlantic Transport Line steamer. On this occasion an Italian passenger was arrested on arrival for posing as the ship's purser and passing counterfeit U.S. banknotes among the steerage passengers, swindling them out of considerable sums. Trave was laid up from March 11, 1906, to October 26, 1907, and then made nine voyages from Bremen to New York before being in 1908 sold to shipbreakers in Hamburg. She was broken up the following year.

Sources: The Atlantic Transport Line, 1881-1931; The New York Times, April 13, 1902


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Kinghorn "The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 - 1931" McFarland, 2011

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