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Ephemera, etc.


Baggage Labels

Staterooms, even on Atlantic Transport Line steamers, could not accommodate large items of baggage. As much luggage as possible was therefore consigned below, but travelers needed to keep some items with them so they would have daily access to clothing and other personal items. As a result passengers were advised to mark their baggage so the stewards knew which items to take to the stateroom and which were to go down to the baggage room. Labels for the purpose were freely available "on application from any of the company's offices" and were to be placed on both ends of each article, not on their top or sides.

Baggage labels issued c.1910 for use on the Minnewaska (III). Those above were
issued by the New York office and that below by the London office (Kinghorn)

Baggage labels issued c.1923-31 (Kinghorn)

Cigarette Cards

Cigarette manufacturers began issuing cards for collectors in 1875 by the early 1900s a wide variety of general interest subjects were being issued. Some of these featured famous ships or steamships lines, among them the Atlantic Transport Line.

A cigarette card issued by Ogden's c.1906 (Ian Newson)Card issued by Wills' Cigarettes c.1930 (Ian Newson)
Left: A cigarette card from Ogden's flags and funnels of leading steamship lines series,
c.1906 (Ian Newson). Right: Cigarette card issued by WD & HO Wills, c.1931 (Ian Newson)

A cigarette card, No. 7 from the Ships Flags and Badges
set by B.A.T., second series of c.1930 (Kinghorn)

Miscellaneous publications

The International Mercantile Marine Company issued many marketing publications designed to encourage Americans to travel to Europe.

Anniversary booklet published by the London office in 1924, giving an informative history of the line and promoting the reintroduced passenger service (Keith Ives)
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Card issued by Wills' Cigarettes c.1930 (Ian Newson)
The cover of a Guide to hotels and tourist attractions in the London area offered to passengers in 1926 (Kinghorn)

Miscellaneous items

A destination label to be pasted on baggage and a flier handed to passengers on arrival in London, date unknown (Kinghorn)

Business documents, such as this bill of lading from the mid-1890s, are occasionally found
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A newspaper printed on board the Minnewaska (IV) when in Red Star Line service (Kinghorn)
A newspaper printed on board the Minnewaska (IV) when in Red Star Line service (Kinghorn)


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Kinghorn "The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 - 1931" McFarland, 2011

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