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This website would probably never have actually happened but for a casual response by Peter Searle to information that I provided to him for his Volturno website that I "should create a website." Since that fateful day several enthusiasts have given invaluable help in this venture. It is grossly unfair to single out particular individuals, but particularly special thanks are owed to the following, listed in the order in which I encountered them.

I owe a great debt to Terry Moyle for sharing his research on the Mohegan disaster and going to great lengths to find me a copy of his book on the subject. Ian Newson also merits a huge thank you for generously making available the contents of his grandfather's photograph albums and the fruits of his own research. The albums have yeilded a wealth of wonderful images and have added enormously to this website. (Ian's grandfather, James Grant Ogilvie Hutchison, a keen photographer, "served as Mate and Captain on just about every ATL ship" and ended his career in command of Minnetonka II.) Increasingly Ian is also pointing me in the direction of valuable sources of information too. Dr Robert K Likeman I thank for alerting me to the Gibson family photographs of the stranded Minnehaha and Epsie Dod's photographs taken on the Massachusetts in 1898, and I am grateful also to Dods' grandson, also named Epsie Dods, for permitting their use. Donovan Murrells of the Murrell(s) Family History Society produced key information about Frederick Murrell and his connection with Hooper's that was instrumental in my understanding of the managing partnership of the early 1880s.

Amanda Martin, curator of the Isles of Scilly Museum, deserves special thanks also for her generous and instant sharing of resources, and I am endebted to the photographers Gibson's of Scilly for allowing the use of some of their family's extraordinary collection of historic images. John Katenkamp, whose mother was a daughter of Bernard N. Baker's second wife, came forward to share unique photographs and documents relating to this great man. To Martin Kinley, whose grandfather William Kinley wrote to my great grandfather from Mohegan the night before her wreck (and who died in the disaster), I am endebted for family history and special images. Chauncey Walden generously shared the wonderful images from his souvenir album of a voyage to Europe on Minnetonka c.1902-5.

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Kinghorn "The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 - 1931" McFarland, 2011

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