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Atlantic Transport Line Souvenirs

Souvenirs like those illustrated on this page are often seen today. They were not however official Atlantic Transport Line merchandize, but rather items sold by the ship's barber. It had become a tradition at sea that ship's barbers were permitted to sell on their own account trinkets they had obtained for the purpose. These were typically small decorative electroplated items - cups, creamers, spoons, boxes, brooches, pin trays and the like - often with enameled badges bearing the ship's name soldered onto them. Souvenirs like these were evidently obtained by the individual barber wholesale from a retailer and embellished with custom made enameled badges ordered separately for the purpose. (Often the badges did not fit the items they were applied to particularly well.) In addition to sterling silver or electroplate items some transfer printed bone china or milk glass ribbon plates, woven silk Stevengraph images.

Two silver plated cups (spill vases?) from the pre-war Minnewaska (III), both with the same enameled
and engraved shield (both eBay)

Souvenir of the type sold by the ships barber (eBay)
An electro-plated toothpick holder from the pre-war Minneapolis, with the same enameled and engraved shield (Janet's Treasures)
and a sterling silver souvenir spoon purchased on the pre-war Minnewaska (eBay)

Enamelled sterling silver souvenir spoon sold on the Minneapolis c.1911 (Ian Newson)

eBay Item number: 330139052772
A silver plated miniature casket from the Minnehaha and a white glass ribbon plate with a print of the pre-war Minnewaska (both eBay)

An enameled pin (1920s?) (eBay)

A tyg (three handled cup) and footed cup, both silver plated souvenirs from the post-war Minnewaska (IV) (both eBay)

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Kinghorn "The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 - 1931" McFarland, 2011

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